ULTPOWER Co. Ltd, strives to provide the best services which are characterized by high - quality and economic price competation through the plans with the utmost technical precision and professional specialized taken from the creations of technology and art administrative methods starting base, ULTPOWER Co. Ltd, seeks to build a strong partnership with our clients by provide alternative sources of quality, efficiency and cost at an ideal cost for individuals, companies, governments & organizations to become the most reliable source of integrated solutions for electrical power in Yemen.


ULTPOWER Co. Ltd, strives to provide the best services which are characterized launched in a realistic vision by interacting with the surrounding environmental according to a clear and steady steps towards the goals set & appropriate tactical plans to achieve the goals that are sought and these goals are the secret of our success in our business. Our vision in various ac􀆟vi􀆟es stems the development of our faith in we are able to give more in the area of business that we manage, and that the most important elements of success in this case, is the existence of sound vision and Scientifically considered plans to achieve the objectives we seek to achieve, where we seek to be ULTPOWER Co. Ltd, is the first choice for those seeking excellence. mission


Our Mission is to be the most successful Supplyer company for Electrical equipments & Power genration solutions in Yemen. The optimized quality of our provided services, their continuous monitoring and follow-up, the faculty of comprehension of the requirements and the needs of our customers, the specialization and the know-how of our staff and the constant expansion of our actvities abroad serve us and strengthen our mission and our vision.